Bulk Barcode Image Generator for Vector EPS Images


Enter your list of UPC codes into the field below to generate your Vector EPS barcode images. If you need JPG, Transparent PNG or GIF barcode images, use the barcode image generator below this one. For generating vector EPS files do not modify the pre-entered pixel values below. They need to be set at 300 by default to render the images properly. Once you have downloaded them, you can modify their size to any dimension since they are EPS files, there will be no loss in quality.

(Do not set this to a lower value)

(Do not set this to a lower value)


Bulk Barcode Image Generator for JPG, PNG & GIF


The following bulk barcode image generator is capable of generating thousands of barcode images in JPG, GIF and Transparent PNG formats. Please make sure to read the quick reference guide below the generator to ensure ease of use and quality of your barcode images. If you do not follow by the quick reference guide below, you will have problems. Make sure to look at the quick reference guide first!

This barcode generator does not calculate your check digit for you. Please make sure your UPC-A or EAN-13 codes are the proper length.

UPC-A - Should be 12 digits in length
EAN-13 - Should be 13 digits in length

If you have UPC or EAN codes that are not the proper length, you'll need to calculate your check digit using our Bulk Check Digit Calculator Tool. For example, your UPC-A codes may only be 11 digits or your EAN-13 codes may only be 12 digits, for these you'll need to use the bulk check digit calculator, which will mathematically calculate the final check digit.

To get started, enter your UPC or EAN codes into the large text field below:

(Min 190 for UPC-A or 200 for EAN-13)

(Min 30)


Quick Reference Guide

In the barcode generator settings above, you are required to provide pixel width/height. The pixel width/height corresponds to the digital(not physical) width/height of the barcode graphic itself. Pixels do not directly correspond to physical sizes such as inches unless you factor in DPI. For example, while a barcode image may appear as approximately 3 inches long on your screen, the barcode graphic will not be the same size when printed. The reason for this is because your monitor DPI differs from your printer DPI. Your monitor DPI is considered to be your digital DPI, what your printer produces upon printing is the physical DPI. Laser printers are capable of printing at lower DPI than inkjet printers, however most modern laser printers are capable of a minimum of 600 DPI, which is far beyond the quality required to print barcode images. If you are planning on printing barcode labels, you will need to adjust the pixel sizes and test print, to find the perfect size for your needs. This bulk barcode image generator is capable of producing a maximum of 72 DPI for JPG, GIF and PNG file types. If you use the EPS barcode image generator above, it technically has infinite DPI as the file is rendered in full vector EPS format. If you need a higher DPI for better quality on JPEG, GIF and PNG file types, please use our Multi Barcode Image Generator which is capable of producing 300 DPI. Below we have included the settings which you'll need in order to create quality barcode images using this bulk barcode image generator tool.

Barcode Symbology Type:

UPC-A - Use minimum pixel width: 190
EAN-13 - Use minimum pixel width: 200

Minimum pixel height for UPC-A & EAN-13: 30

File Format Type:

JPG, GIF & PNG Formats minimum pixel width: 190
JPG, GIF & PNG Formats minimum pixel height: 30

IMPORTANT! - Do not enter lower pixel values than the minimums listed above. You can infinitely go as high as you would like, but you do NOT want to go lower than the minimums. If you decide to go any lower it WILL cause barcode scanner scannability issues.

Below we have included a few example images of what they look like for you to use as a reference:

Small Square 200W x 200H:


Small Rectangle 200W x 100H:


Long Rectangle 400W x 100H:


Long Slim Rectangle 400W x 50H:


Medium Square 300W x 300H:

In order to use any of the above sizes, simply enter the numbers into the fields above. To generate images that look like the small rectangle, enter 200 into the width field and 100 into the height field. Once you generate your barcode images, they will look exactly identical to the sample image.

Step 4 - This section applies to the file type option on the barcode generator. Below we have provided an explanation of which file type you should use and why as they all have particular benefits from one another.

File Type PNG - PNG files are becoming the leading file type for online web design and development since they are high quality but with a small file size. The main benefit and the reason why we offer PNG barcode images is for image transparency. This barcode generator will produce TRUE transparent barcode images. This is EXTREMELY useful for anyone that wants to put their barcode image onto anything besides a white/black background and it will blend perfectly since the image is transparent and contains no background color at all.

File Type JPEG - JPG or JPEG files are one of the most common file types for images. They can provide a higher level of quality than .gif and .png image file types. We recommend using this type of image when a transparent image is not necessary and you plan to put this barcode image on a white background.

File Type GIF - GIF images are another type of popular image. GIF images were mainly used for their low file footprint which has enabled many people to generate animated images. For barcodes we see no reason to use GIF images, but some of our users prefer to work with GIF images, which is why we provide this option.

File Type EPS - EPS files come in 2 different variations. They come in raster and vector. A brief explanation of the 2 different variations are as follows:

Raster EPS - When this image is expanded or reduced, it loses its quality or integrity of the image.
Vector EPS - You could take a tiny EPS file the size of 200 x 200 pixels and expand the image to 4000 x 4000 pixels and it would not lose any quality at all. It would remain the same high quality as a small image or when stretched in any direction.

Most barcode generators produce raster EPS, which is useless since you could generate a PNG, JPEG or GIF with the same quality of a raster EPS file. Our barcode generator produces TRUE vector EPS files, so you can mend them into the perfect shape/size without losing any quality at all.

Most of our users will not be able to work with our EPS files since they require specific applications/knowledge but if you require the highest quality for your products, we recommend that you hire a graphic designer and link them to this barcode image generator page.

Custom Barcode Graphics

Do you need custom barcode graphics created? Don't worry, we can help you!

Automated barcode graphics generators can only go so far in creating quality barcode images. If you have a unique product or need a feature not provided by one of our barcode generators, please contact us for a custom quote.

Not Tech Savvy?

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If you are not a customer of ours already, we can still help. Please contact us with the details and we'll provide you with a custom quote.