Bulk Check Digit or Checksum Calculator


The following check digit calculator will generate check digits for the following barcode types:

UPC-A - Enter 11 digits
EAN-13 - Enter 12 digits
ITF-14, GTIN-14, UCC-14 and SCC-14 - Enter 13 digits

When entering your list, make sure there is no blank or white space before, in between or after the digits entered. This generator is also capable of generating multiple barcode symbology types per input. For example: If you enter a UPC-A code on line 1, then an EAN-13 code on line 2 and finally an SCC-14 code, the system will return accurate results even though the input entries differ in length.

To get started, paste your full list of codes into the input bulk text field, then click submit. The system will now show your generated list containing check digits in the result output field.

Input (Numbers only):





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