Multi Barcode Image Generator


IMPORTANT! - Make sure to read the quick reference guide below to understand the different configuration options for generating your barcode images. Please make sure to select the correct symbology option from the dropdown menu before entering your settings. In order to save your barcode image properly you need to right click on the barcode image, then select Save Image As, then when saving the file make sure to rename the extension of the file to the filename of your choice. The system by default will save all images called "image.php" when saving, make sure to rename the file image.jpg, image.png or image.gif. This is a security measure we have put in place to deter automated attempts of bulk generating barcode images from the system.

NOTE: This generator can only generate 1 barcode image at a time. If you need to generate your UPC or EAN codes in bulk, please go to our Bulk Barcode Image Generator.

If you are already a customer of ours and you wish to generate your UPC codes, please select the UPC-A option for the UPC codes delivered within your excel file. For international users outside of the USA or Canada, if you need to generate your EAN-13 codes, please make sure to add a "0" before the 12 digit UPC code number and then select the EAN-13 symbology from the menu.


DPI is available only for PNG and JPEG.

Quick Reference Guide

The following quick reference guide explains what each of the functions do for modifying the configuration settings:

File Type - The supported file types are JPG, GIF and PNG. The DPI option cannot be modified if the GIF file type is set.

DPI - DPI stand for "dots per inch". Generally the higher the DPI value, the finer the print will be. This barcode generator is set to a maximum of 300 DPI which is considered exceptional print quality, especially for barcode graphics. Of course printers can print higher than 300 DPI, but 300 DPI is considered to be industry standard for high quality barcode printing.

Thickness - The thickness setting refers to the height of the overall bars in the barcode. The higher the value the taller the barcode image will be.

Scale - The scale option will increase/decrease the overall size of the barcode image. Remember, when increasing or decreasing the overall size, it is recommended to adjust the font size to get the perfect look for your barcode image.

Rotation - The rotation setting is a really cool feature which allows you to flip the barcode image sideways in either direction or completely upside down.

Font - The standard font we use is Arial. The number setting next to the font name is the font size. Remeber, when adjusting the scale, you should also play with the adjustment of the font size to achieve that perfect look for your barcode image.

Data - The data field is where you enter the contents of your barcode information. For UPC-A and EAN-13 codes, you can also enter the barcode number without the final digit(check digit) and the system will automatically generate the check digit for you.

IMPORTANT! - Whenever you switch to different barcode symbologies, make sure to take note of the black question mark icons. These icons also provide additional information related to the barcode symbology type or for other features of the software that may be helpful to you.

This barcode image generator is capable of producing the following symbologies for barcode images:

- Codabar Barcode Image Generator
- Code 11 Barcode Image Generator
- Code 39 Barcode Image Generator
- Code 39 Extended Barcode Image Generator
- Code 93 Barcode Image Generator
- Code 128 Barcode Image Generator
- EAN-8 Barcode Image Generator
- EAN-13 Barcode Image Generator
- GS1-128 or EAN-128 Barcode Image Generator
- ISBN Barcode Image Generator
- Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcode Image Generator
- Standard 2 of 5 Barcode Image Generator
- MSI Plessey Barcode Image Generator
- UPC-A Barcode Image Generator
- UPC-E Barcode Image Generator
- UPC Extension 2 Digits Barcode Image Generator
- UPC Extension 5 Digits Code Barcode Image Generator
- Postnet Barcode Image Generator
- Intelligent Mail Barcode Image Generator
- Other Barcode Image Generator

Custom Barcode Graphics

Do you need custom barcode graphics created? Don't worry, we can help you!

Automated barcode graphics generators can only go so far in creating quality barcode images. If you have a unique product or need a feature not provided by one of our barcode generators, please contact us for a custom quote.

Not Tech Savvy?

We understand that not all of our users may understand how to use our barcode generators. If you are already a customer of ours we can help you at no charge!

If you are not a customer of ours already, we can still help. Please contact us with the details and we'll provide you with a custom quote.